PHPI Racing

Premiere Health and Performance International Racing is a multisport team centered around the Annapolis Maryland Area. PHPI was founded in 2008 by two athletes who wanted to start a group for individuals who were interested in the multisport lifestyle.

Today we are made up of individuals from many fitness and race levels, from Ironman competitor, sprint specialist, and everything inbetween.

We all share the same goal of making ourselves better by pushing, training, racing, and encouraging each other. We want to help each other achieve greatness, and we believe the finish line is just the next starting point.


Come join our team and become a part of the fastest growing multisport team in the Annapolis area.

You'll have access to triathlon experts that can answer training questions; you'll get the invite to group rides, runs and swims, including a monthly open water swim clinic with mapped course and fluorescent buoy markers.

Included in the price of membership are discounts from all our sponsors and partners including Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis and Gatorade Endurance. Other major sponsors include Hex Performance, Carbopro, and Rudy Project.

PHPI is serious about perfecting the science of racing as well; you will be given discounts on VO2Max and lactic threshold testing to determine your custom heart rate zones as well as body composition testing to determine hydration requirements. Bike Doctor Speed Studio will get you the best fit possible with their new RETUL bike fitting system at a special PHPI discounted rate.

For $50/year you receive all this, but most importantly you'll be surrounded by a group of teammates who will help you and cheer you on as you achieve all your fitness goals.


Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis

PHPI has teamed with Sheehy Lexus to bring you the PHPI Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis Team


Are you looking for hands-on and professional coaching? Maybe you’re looking for a podium finish or a qualifying spot in Kona? PHPI Endurance Coaching brings you purpose-driven training plans designed specifically for you. If your goal is to see the view from the podium, PHPI Endurance Coaching can get you there.